talent trailblazer tv: elevating contingent workforce strategy with MSP.

March 8, 2019

what are the benefits of MSP and which HR technologies are driving contingent workforce engagement?

With talent scarcity standing in the way of company goals, employers are increasingly considering how the flexible workforce can help them get the skills they need faster. That means they’re also looking at new methods for attracting and engaging talent. They’re turning to the human cloud and ditching employer value propositions for assignment value propositions.

Join Rachid Schmitz, our director of international accounts for an inside look at how managed services programs (MSP) are evolving to deliver better access to talent in an evolving labor market. Learn why more talent acquisition and procurement leaders are considering their workforces more holistically, and how an MSP partner can help best determine how to get the work done.

Watch now to understand the HR technologies that are helping companies engage with the flexible workforce, and what the biggest risks are for employers that don’t consider all work arrangements.

You’ll also learn how MSP can help your company successfully transition to a total talent model in the long term, and get tips on how to enhance contingent talent management today.

ready to transform your contingent workforce strategy?

Explore the benefits an MSP can deliver and find out how much your company can save. Check out this 5-point road map for access to our MSP Playbook, the MSP calculator and success stories from companies that are optimizing contingent workforce management.

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