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MSP 4.0: empower your contingent talent with next-gen innovations.

July 12, 2021

Millennials and Gen Z — digital natives who value flexibility and are more receptive to gig work — will account for up to 75% of the workforce in 2025. 

As contingent workforce becomes increasingly critical to your organization’s ability to stay agile while achieving business outcomes, how will the next-generation of managed services programs (MSP) help you attract and engage the skilled contingent talent your business needs?

Imagine an integrated technology ecosystem that enables digital adoption at scale, a seamless flow of data that gives you full visibility of the contingent workforce, and a direct sourcing-led approach with your own branded talent pool for speedy deployment of skilled contingent talent. After 25 years of satisfying changing business requirements, MSP 4.0 is set to deliver greater value to organizations like yours. 

In this exclusive white paper from Everest Group, you will see how MSP 4.0 works and learn about the transformative value it delivers. Request your complimentary copy of the research from Randstad Sourceright to find out:

  • what MSP 4.0 is, and how its innovation helps you engage talent faster 
  • how the 8D layered approach provides greater visibility, efficiency, agility and outcomes than ever before
  • how to build the right MSP ecosystem — including enterprises, industry stakeholders and governments

Don’t miss your chance to gain additional insights from Everest Group. Watch our webinar on-demand "building your next-gen contingent workforce strategy with MSP 4.0" for practical tips on creating data-driven, talent-centric strategies to attract, find and deploy contingent talent faster.


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