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June 23, 2021 Alp Perahya

The life sciences industry has been on center stage — ramping up discovery and manufacturing since early 2020, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to COVID-19 treatments to vaccines. This fast-pace, high-volume scenario has exposed some issues with staffing and talent scarcity within the industry.

While talent scarcity has been a long-standing challenge for life sciences companies, the skills gap is larger now. According to Randstad Sourceright’s 2021 Talent Trends research, half of life sciences leaders surveyed felt that talent scarcity was the biggest obstacle in growing their business, particularly when it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning and manufacturing automation.

Alp Perahya, executive vice president at Randstad Sourceright, suggests that the flexibility the industry displayed at the outset of the pandemic is a model for the future.

“By embracing virtual and more flexible work models, including contingent talent, the life sciences sector will dramatically increase their available talent pool beyond their local geographic area,” writes Perahya. “They will avoid missing out on highly skilled workers who could be snapped up by competitors who embrace flexibility more fully.”

Read Perahya’s article in to learn how strategies such as upskilling, reskilling and a strong candidate experience can help solve the life sciences sector’s talent scarcity problem. You can also gain additional insights by reading, “4 talent trends life sciences companies need to address right now.”

About the Author

Alp Perahya

Alp Perahya, vice-président exécutif de Randstad Sourceright, Amérique du Nord, est responsable de la gestion des programmes intégrés de gestion de ressources (MSP) pour les entreprises de taille moyenne. Grâce aux meilleures pratiques en traitement des demandes et en chaîne d’approvisionnement, aux technologies VMS paramétrables et à la plateforme analytique exclusive à Randstad Sourceright, Alp et l’équipe de MSP intégré fournissent aux clients les talents et l’intelligence d’affaires dont ils ont besoin pour croître avec agilité et rentabilité. Cumulant plus de 18 ans de carrière chez Randstad, Alp assume des responsabilités telles que la vision stratégique, le leadership sur le terrain, la prestation de service aux clients, ainsi que l’intégrité et l’exécution de l’offre.

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