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how Cetera met talent demand to support a strategic acquisition | talent trailblazer tv.

November 15, 2019

How can HR add — and demonstrate — value during times of organizational change? Rhiana Barr of Cetera Financial Group shares insights on the role of HR during mergers and acquisitions.

Acquisitions and other organizational changes can not only create business disruption and negatively impact productivity, but can also place additional demands on HR and your talent acquisition teams. How can you ensure you meet stakeholder expectations while delivering the talent your organization needs to support its strategic business initiative?

Join Rhiana Barr, head of HR business partners at Cetera Financial Group, to hear how she aligned talent strategy to best support a recent major acquisition. You’ll learn about the unique challenges she faced when it came to staffing talent to support this organizational change. And Barr explains how her team gained buy-in from C-suite leaders to move forward with their plan.

Watch to understand the role that metrics played in the success of her talent acquisition strategy. You’ll also hear how detailed reporting wowed business leaders and helped demonstrate HR’s value to the project. Listen until the end for three tips on building a business case and navigating organizational change at your own company.

want to learn more about HR challenges in mergers and acquisitions? read the full RPO case study.

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