enterprise forward: creating total workforce agility.

July 3, 2018

insights from the 9th Annual ABSL Conference

How can you create total workforce agility with your talent strategy? This presentation and dynamic discussion features expertise from Randstad Sourceright director of international accounts, Rachid Schmitz, as well as an insightful case study presentation from Maarten Hansson, global head of workforce strategy for Philips. Watch the presentations and panel discussion to learn how you can break down traditional talent silos and geographic boundaries to get the talent you need to fuel your businesses.

Additional panelists include Philips' Hansson, Agnieszka Orłowska, director of EMEA customer experience and head of the Wroclaw Site for Google, and David Hand, director of Global Business Services at ACCA.

want to learn more about total talent strategies?

Request your copy of the Integrated Talent Playbook for insights on the benefits of a total talent approach, practical case examples, implementation tips and more.

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TalentRadar: turn smart talent data into smarter business decisions.
TalentRadar: turn smart talent data into smarter business decisions.

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