Thrive Global: prevent burnout during COVID-19.

December 8, 2020 Kris Rearic

As we head into what experts deem to be a “dark winter,” even the most resilient individuals may be struggling. We’ve had to pivot to remote work and school, scale back or cancel our social activities, and navigate our traditional holiday celebrations in new ways. The bottom line is that we’re tired. Feeling burnt out and less motivated.

So what should you do if you are feeling overwhelmed and less than motivated? Kris Rearic, senior vice president of Client Success at Randstad Sourceright, provides a list of six important questions during this extended time of uncertainty. She encourages us to gauge our workload, boundaries, passion and work-life balance.

Are we working too much? Do we still have passion for our work? Do we need to set boundaries with coworkers or ask for help from others? Are we spending enough time on family, health and well-being?

As we continue to adapt to a world turned upside down, we can gain clarity by refocusing on ourselves. “We all go through cycles of burnout, but if we can identify its triggers quickly and have a plan in place to address them, we can come out the other side with growth and a new perspective. Sometimes, the only way out is through,” writes Rearic.

Read this insightful article to help yourself come out better on the other side. You can also visit Randstad Sourceright’s talent continuity & COVID-19 Insights stream for more expert advice and thought leadership.

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Kris Rearic

Kris Rearic is Global Vice President, RPO Client Delivery. She oversees strategic global RPO client account relationships as well as direct the client-facing service delivery team to meet and exceed expectations. She has more than 20 years in the RPO, recruiting and staffing industries in both service provider and client roles.

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