SIA: how SOW solutions can help businesses recover.

December 17, 2020

As the world looks forward to 2021, organizational agility will remain key to success as business and talent demands continue to evolve rapidly. That’s where statement of work (SOW) solutions come into play, providing the flexibility that businesses need to thrive.

“Bringing workers into an organization with a clearly defined timeline and set of deliverables gives employers the flexibility of hiring talent only when it is needed,” writes Ben Brierley, SOW channel director at Randstad Sourceright. “SOW contracts can provide a diverse and flexible pool of talent to employers at a time when their budgets and future projects are highly unpredictable.”

Brierley advises of the five key benefits that come with using SOW contracts. First is the agility to respond to evolving business needs. SOW solutions are also scalable and deliver on tangible outcomes within the defined scope of work. It’s a way to control costs and mitigate compliance worries by having a third-party partner engage talent on your behalf.

Brierley anticipates rapid growth in this area, writing that “SOW contractors are likely to represent a large share of the labor force in the future, and businesses that recognize this now will be better prepared.”

Read the full article in SIA’s The Staffing Stream for more insights on using SOW to stay ahead of the curve. You can also visit Randstad Sourceright’s SOW management solutions page to explore how your company can benefit from a more strategic approach to SOW.

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