Politico: digital jobs unfilled amid high unemployment.

February 16, 2021 Michael Smith

With more people out of work than in years prior, and remote working giving companies access to talent from anywhere in the world, many would think that the workforce is an employer’s market. Yet, 40% of organizations report that they are struggling to find the skilled talent they need.

That’s the finding from Randstad Sourceright’s 2021 Talent Trends Report. The research finds that the talent gap is particularly wide in the area of digital literacy and accompanying skill sets. With the right upskilling and reskilling programs, however, some non-digital skills can be transferable in the age of robotics and automation.

Employers need to be “implementing reskilling programs to gain a competitive edge as they recover from the pandemic,” says Mike Smith, global CEO of Randstad Sourceright. Employers overwhelmingly agree (90%) that reskilling is their responsibility; yet, they also want support from governments to help build and fund formal programs.

Learn more about closing the digital skills gap in Politico. You can also get your exclusive copy of the 2021 Talent Trends Report, “Rewrite your talent strategy playbook during extraordinary times,” to see the top 10 HR trends that are impacting organizations’ talent strategies for this year.

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Michael Smith

Michael (managing director, EMEA) brings to Randstad Sourceright 13 years of experience across various operational and leadership roles for Randstad in Australia and Asia, working with teams across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to create market winning positions. Moving to Amsterdam to lead our operations in Europe, Michael is well-known as an active driver of Randstad’s “tech & touch” strategy to drive customer engagement and business outcomes.

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