HR MarketWatch: AI and its impact on the recruiter.

July 20, 2018 Jason Roberts

Recruitment practices are changing quickly as the industry continues to experience the rapid emergence of new HR technologies. Artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning are looked at with both anticipation and anxiety. HR tech is a conversation that every human capital leader is having. So where does that leave the role of the recruiter?

As global head of Technology and Analytics at Randstad Sourceright, Jason Roberts has his finger firmly on the pulse. His vantage point provides access to practical case examples – where he gains insights on how both AI technologies and the role of the recruiter are continuing to evolve.

During a recent interview with HRWins founder and principal analyst, George LaRocque, Roberts noted that “HR technology is moving so fast that talent acquisition leaders don’t have time to react. The roll out of bot-based tools is moving fast. Most of the successes using bots have been with high-volume recruiting, such as hospitality, manufacturing and retail.”

Leveling up from there, use cases are not as prevalent. “There is still the matter of getting the technology to do exactly what we want,” explains Roberts. “There are start-up companies building deep conversation engine capabilities, but products have not shown up yet. Give it six months.”

While we wait for the next innovation, recruiters continue wonder if AI will improve their work or take their jobs. Listen to the entire podcast with Jason Roberts and get the latest news in this HR technology stream from Randstad Sourceright.

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