HR Dive: navigate the remote work learning curve during COVID-19.

April 24, 2020 Wesley Connor

As workplaces suddenly make the switch to telework due to COVID-19, newly remote employees have to work with unfamiliar technologies and many might find that they have limited digital skills.

To help remote workers bridge the digital gaps, employers need to quickly find ways to help them upskill in a virtual environment, and transparency is key to success.

“[Companies] should be direct and honest in communication and create a safe space for all employees to ask questions and admit if they don’t know how to use a certain technology,” said Wesley Connor, vice president of global learning and development for Randstad Enterprise Group. “It’s all about establishing a culture that is conducive to learning.”

Read the full article in HR Dive to get more tips on managing remote learning effectively. You can also read Connor’s article, “Upskilling in a hurry” for more insights on upskilling your workforce using essential technology.

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