Globo TV: video interviewing accelerates candidate screening.

April 2, 2018

The use of technology in the candidate selection process is a worldwide phenomenon. Companies in different sectors are deploying unique strategies, depending on who they are seeking, and what attributes are most important for success.

Pavel Kerkis, director of strategic sales for Randstad Sourceright in Brazil, shares his expertise on the use of video interviews during a segment on Globo TV. Learn why some large employers in Latin America are using this approach, and how the sophisticated HR technology analyzes potential during candidate screening.

Kerkis explains (translated): “On average, the behaviors that a candidate shows during the video interaction are similar, or not similar to, the behaviors of an existing employee who has the performance, positive results and right fit both personally and professionally.”

“Someone that works in sales must have empathy, be able to energize. Therefore, we try to capture their happiness, their ability to persuade through feelings shown throughout the video interview.”

See the complete segment on Globo TV (in Portuguese) and then learn more about how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive technologies can power more human recruiting experiences.

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