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RPO case study: a global model leads to outstanding hiring results.

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the solution. Randstad Sourceright designed an innovative, talent acquisition model, delivered through end-to-end RPO that provides customized services and a powerful HR technology infrastructure to meet each of the sites' distinct requirements. This solution hinges on a critical factor: expertise in global and regional talent acquisition methodologies and legislation. The RPO model leverages on-site, local recruiters and shared services through Randstad's off-site recruitment centers, where teams of sourcing and recruiting specialists use their in-depth knowledge to identify quality candidates and support various steps in the recruitment process. Flexible to suit changing business imperatives, these recruitment centers help speed time to fill, while enhancing the candidate and hiring manager experiences. In Poland, local sourcing specialists – both onsite and at a nearby recruitment center – focus on the strategic sourcing and selection of passive candidates. Supporting employer branding strategy to better attract local talent, sourcers at the recruitment center also conduct employee value proposition (EVP) research during the screening process. With an eye on local labor regulations, the Singapore program relies on dedicated sourcers in the Kuala Lumpur recruitment center to provide recruiters with long- and short-lists of candidates for both blue- and white-collar positions. Integrating people, processes and technology, a new applicant tracking system (ATS) was also implemented for the client. In this engagement, Randstad Sourceright is also responsible for internship recruitment and supports employer branding initiatives to help build the employer's talent pipeline. In the U.S., Candidate Connect, a virtual team of trained recruiting coordinators, provide scheduling and administrative support, resulting in a highly efficient and scalable model. A robust technological infrastructure, including Randstad Sourceright's TalentRadar technology, provides valuable performance and recruitment analytics that include insights on requisition management, time to fill, cost per hire, hiring manager satisfaction and new hire satisfaction. Developing a strategic sourcing initiative, Randstad Sourceright also helps the company reach a wider pool of talent to meet its diversity and inclusion goals. While the U.S. program has predominantly used sourcing specialists based in this region, the RPO model is expanding to include additional sourcing specialists from the Kuala Lumpur recruitment center. This approach will not only deliver sourcing expertise for hard-to-fill positions, but will also provide around-the-clock support for recruiters who receive a continuous flow of new leads every morning. After just one year, the new processes and technologies have yielded significant improvements in recruitment outcomes, enabling this aerospace manufacturer to meet demand for its products. Time to fill has decreased, candidates and hiring managers report high satisfaction rates, and new hire retention for the U.S. (measured at 90 days) is now at 100%. In Poland, the program is exceeding all KPI targets, and in Singapore, Randstad Sourceright has filled 100% of all requisitions without the use of third-party agencies. © Randstad Sourceright. 2018 human forward. a global RPO model leads to outstanding hiring results and user satisfaction.

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