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UK Fact Sheet - Talent Intelligence Outlook 2016

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www.randstadsourceright.com U.K. employers believe the right talent they need can be permanent or contingent; plan to hire aggressively to keep up with growths Acquiring talent and rising expectations dominate outlook in the U.K. market PERCENTAGE OF HUMAN CAPITAL LEADERS WHO STRONGLY VIEW THESE AS TOP ISSUES NUMEROUS COMPANIES HAVE MADE EXTENSIVE HIRES DUE TO CURRENT AND FUTURE DEMAND 32% 30% 39% Hiring was robust in previous 12 months due to growth and competition Hired extensively to keep up with growth and stay ahead of the competition Hired extensively to keep up with anticipated growth Hired for a few strategic positions 80% 80% 77% Talent's expectations of employers are continually increasing Talent acquisition is one of their leaders' top priorities Employers' expectations of talent are continually increasing U.K. human capital leaders believe the right kind of talent for their business needs can be permanent or contingent, according to Randstad Sourceright's Q4 2016 Talent Intelligence Outlook survey. The finding, which was most often cited by respondents as a top issue for their organisations, affirms a growing movement by companies to build a more agile and flexible workforce for the future. Other often cited issues include the widening talent gap in the U.K., growing expectations about worker performance and the impact of technology on hiring. These critical trends will likely impact the way human capital leaders develop their talent strategies. The survey found that 39% reported growth was beyond expectations in the past 12 months, while another 59% said their businesses were growing as expected. Looking ahead, 14% believe growth will surpass expectations, while 59% believe it will be as expected. Only 7% anticipate a decline. As a result, a larger portion will look to increase headcount. To keep up with growth and stay ahead of the competition, 39% plan to hire extensively, while 41% will aggressively hire to address anticipated growth; and 43% will hire a few for strategic positions. Among the skills in highest demand will be IT and marketing. Three takeaways • The willingness of U.K. employers to consider all types of talent for their business needs indicates a high readiness of this market to adopt an integrated talent model. • An overwhelming majority (88%) say they are familiar with the concept of the integrated talent model, with 25% saying they already have such an approach in place. Another 36% say they are extremely familiar with the model. • Among those that don't have an integrated talent solution in place, 61% say they will probably implement such a program in the next 12 months, while 18% say they definitely will. Another 21% are uncertain if they plan to. TALENT MANAGEMENT ROBOTICS Ro TALENT FLEXIBILITY Tf ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WORKFORCE STRATEGIES Ws TALENT INNOVATION Ti RESOURCING STRATEGIES Rs RECRUITMENT R CONTINGENT WORKFORCE Cw WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Wm WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT Wm MANAGED SERVICES PROGRAM MsP CONTINGENT TALENT Ct CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE Ce AUTOMATION Au GIG WORKERS Gw TECHNOLOGY TOOLKIT Tt TECHNOLOGY TOOLKIT Tt CAREER TRANSITION SERVICES CtS STATEMENT OF WORK SoW SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT Sm VENDOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM VmS HUMAN INTELLIGENCE Hi WORKFORCE STRATEGIES Ws PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS Pa EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITION EvP TALENT CONSULTANCY Tc talent intelligence outlook: U.K. facts

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