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How to ensure supply chain optimization in an MSP

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how to series how to ensure supply chain optimization in a managed services program As a buyer of a managed services program (MSP), you've gone through the process of building a business case, selected the appropriate provider and achieved a successful implementation. The suppliers are onboarded, and talent is delivered to the lines of business as needed. What now? How can you know if suppliers are performing well? How can you ensure they deliver not just headcount in a timely manner but also high-quality workers at a fair price? To ensure your supply chain is optimized, focus on the two pillars of supplier relationship management: • Ensuring a strong commitment from all the parties involved • Building consensus and, when possible, codifying the interaction between the parties Supplier relationship management is the process for managing these two critical aspects of the interaction between you and the supplier. A fundamental part of this exercise is the supplier performance assessment, which is measuring, analyzing and managing a supplier's ability to comply with and, preferably, exceed, its contractual obligations. Often, MSP buyers mistakenly think that supplier management begins after an MSP has gone live, but in fact there is much work to do beforehand. The business case for implementing a program requires the customer to first establish its goals and determine how supplier management can help attain them. Whether it's to achieve cost savings, process optimization, compliant practices, spend transparency or enhanced talent quality, the goals are typically contained in an annex service level agreement and must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely (SMART). Agreements should be fact-based, objective and aligned with program goals. With these in place, you In the previous three installments of this series, we examined how to outsource contingent workforce management, how to select the best service provider and how to create a mutually beneficial relationship. To achieve the best program, you want to make sure your supply chain deliver not only cost efficiency but also the highest-quality talent. www.randstadsourceright.com

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