simplification is the new innovation | 2022 SIG global executive summit

November 2, 2022

for years the procurement leaders have been seeking ways to do more for stakeholders, yet universal relevance and respect is still a challenge

Perhaps it is time for a different approach. What about doing less, instead? Could a simplified approach turn skeptical stakeholders into functional champions?

Watch this interactive keynote panel from the 2022 SIG Global Executive Summit for perspectives from both procurement leaders and budget holders, including:

  • Paul Vincent, Randstad Sourceright
  • Daryl Hammett, Amazon Web Services
  • Rudy Lim, Gates Foundation
  • Lindsay Bergemann, NWEA
  • Jesus Celaya, REI

To innovate and focus on business impact, both perspectives must align to deliver results. Watch to learn more effective approaches to procurement that will not only elevate your value to the business but also will give you a new appreciation for the stakeholders you work with each day.

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SIG Global Executive Summit

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