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MSP case study: consumer products provider boosts workforce agility.

In a dynamic, production-focused industry, the ability to quickly ramp up and scale down operations to meet cyclical demand is essential. But without standardized cost structures, service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) in place, this global consumer and commercial goods provider lacked the visibility needed for effective supply chain management, saw high turnover for contingent talent and missed opportunities to convert qualified workers to permanent positions. 

Read our case study to learn how a managed services program (MSP) — including a supplier management strategy, total talent support, employer branding advisory and more  — helped the organization quickly respond to spikes in talent demand, boost the contingent worker experience and save more than $1.5 million in less than three business quarters.

After you've read the case study, download our MSP playbook to learn how you can add visibility and increase agility through contingent talent management at your organization.

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