The Staffing Stream: strengthen your company’s inclusion program.

October 6, 2020 Floss Aggrey

An inclusive workplace culture helps employees feel more engaged and productive, which could lead to higher profitability for the company. But with millions of workers now working from home, how can companies continue to foster inclusivity?

“Businesses must first understand the priorities of their employees during stressful times and do what they can to make their staff feel supported,” writes Floss Aggrey, senior director of compliance, diversity and inclusion at Randstad Sourceright.

With many employees having to juggle additional responsibilities at home, employees “expect their leaders to be flexible and understanding of personal situations during the pandemic.”

Other actions that Aggrey suggests leaders to take include checking their bias and being mindful of company policies before interacting with employees, offering stress management, and education themselves and having transparent discussions about sensitive topics.

“Responding proactively and asking for feedback, instead of pretending the crisis isn’t happening, signals to employees and potential applicants that your organization cares about its people and goes the extra mile in removing barriers to inclusion,” concludes Aggrey.

Read the full article in SIA's The Staffing Stream for more tips on maintaining inclusivity in times of crisis. You can also watch the on-demand webinar, “Inclusive leadership during times of crisis,” to learn more about helping your talent feel heard, understood and valued in a remote working environment.

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Floss Aggrey

As the Sr. Director Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion at Randstad Sourceright, Aggrey is a professional thought leader effectively managing Human Resources, Compliance and Diversity functions for over 10 years in a multitude of specialized areas to include finance, insurance and banking. Passion for expanding the compliance and diversity knowledge of our internal teams as well as our clients to exceed their Compliance, Diversity and any related Human Resources goals and objectives.

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