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July 24, 2020 Floss Aggrey


How can you advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace amid a global pandemic, remote working and periods of social unrest?

Gallup cites that companies lose $450-550 billion in productivity each year as a result of disengaged employees. And Harvard Business Review reports that turnover is significantly higher three years after an employee’s experience of exclusion.

You know that inclusion at work is important. But with the global pandemic, virtual working environments and social unrest disrupting business as usual, how can you ensure that you’re providing a welcoming environment for your diverse workforce? What do you need to consider to help your talent feel heard, understood and valued?

Join Randstad Sourceright vice president of D&I, Floss Aggrey for a 40-minute educational session on how to be more inclusive during these challenging times.

You’ll learn:

  1. the benefits of creating a sense of belonging at work
  2. what barriers the pandemic, remote working and social unrest may present for your workforce
  3. what inclusive leaders can focus on during challenging times to the benefit of talent and the business

Want to learn more about building diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Visit our Insights stream.

About the Author

Floss Aggrey

As the Sr. Director Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion at Randstad Sourceright, Aggrey is a professional thought leader effectively managing Human Resources, Compliance and Diversity functions for over 10 years in a multitude of specialized areas to include finance, insurance and banking. Passion for expanding the compliance and diversity knowledge of our internal teams as well as our clients to exceed their Compliance, Diversity and any related Human Resources goals and objectives.

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