RPO Rapid Projects in Japan

January 21, 2022

think one step ahead to stay two leaps forward

think one step ahead to stay two leaps forward Have you heard about The Great Resignation? Directly stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic employees are resigning en masse causing massive stress for talent acquisition. Are you experiencing a surge in demand and unable to keep up with recruiting requirements? We expect that the current demand surge will last until mid-2023. Organisations are asking the question - do I add to my existing recruiting headcount or do I outsource? How do I find good recruitment talent? A recent LinkedIn post highlighted that demand for recruiters had outstripped software engineers for the first time in history. So how do you effectively support your business needs?

RPO Rapid by Randstad Sourceright gives you a recruitment process outsourcing model that can help you to quickly respond to high-volume recruitment needs on a project-by-project basis. Experienced recruiters supported by technology that drives speed to productivity and recruitment marketing that ensures your brand has competitive advantage.

the challenge

A global retail brand was building a new factory in Japan that would serve as a production base for Asia. The organization needed to hire approximately 600 people over four years, while still managing typical corporate recruitment volumes. Without the internal resources or experience to manage recruitment for the new factory, the organization turned to RPO Rapid.

the solution

Starting in July 2020, Randstad Sourceright’s RPO Rapid team worked closely with the retail giant to implement a strategy for factory hiring. The solution included the implementation of a new applicant tracking system (ATS) and full design of the selection process and innovative local sourcing strategies. In just a few short months, the employer was ready to accept applications to staff their new location.

key results

RPO Rapid launched to quick success.

Our client needed to hire 32 individuals during the first month

35 qualified candidates were offered and the target of 32 hires for the first wave was met.

a total recruitment tech stack

When you implement an RPO Rapid project, you do not only get instant access to experienced recruitment support, but Randstad Sourceright’s recruitment technology stack as well.

  • attract and find talent — recruitment marketing and candidate relationship management (CRM) technology to find, attract and nurture your target candidates
  • drive a positive candidate experience — video interviewing, digital assessments, and online reference and background checking to drive efficiency and quality throughout the process for candidates and hiring managers
  • realise measurable outcomes — our proprietary reporting platform, TalentRadar, brings talent data sources into a single view, providing the clearest measures of recruiting performance

Project RPO recruitment workflow

Projet RPO recruitment workflow

Want to learn more about how RPO Rapid Projects can boost your talent acquisition team’s performance and productivity? Contact us.

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