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November 11, 2021

Roop Kaistha, vice president, Regional Client Delivery & Client Enablement — celebrating 15 years

from banking desk consultant to talent acquisition leader

Roop Kaistha making work meaningful Randstad SourcerightWhen I started my career with Randstad Sourceright, I was working as a consultant at a banking desk handling 30 calls a day and learning about the market with every single conversation. I still recall the celebration of making my first placement — “tasting blood” as we say in recruitment.

I remember getting my first commission, and my first promotion, in less than a year. But it was not the money that excited me; it was the opportunity to build my career in talent acquisition that got me going and asking for more from my leaders and mentors. Moving on to head the business in Hong Kong and then growing together with Randstad Sourceright has been a great journey.

what a dynamic place to be in my career

Roop Kaistha Navratri 2021 Randstad SourcerightDuring the last 15 years, I have lived and worked across three countries, experienced two acquisitions and been in eight different roles in this great organization. Every few quarters, Randstad Sourceright has afforded me exciting opportunities and challenges with responsibilities that have helped me develop new skills and keep my career moving forward. From client facing, to leading tech initiatives for the region, to leading operations, I have had exciting and wonderful experiences that have greatly enriched me.

a great place to build a career, and also make friends

I have worked with great teams that collaborate and cooperate not only regionally but also globally. I am grateful for the wonderful colleagues, team members, bosses and mentors that I have worked with along the way. At Randstad Sourceright I have learned a lot from my clients and colleagues alike. This gives me the chance to establish long-lasting relationships, including with clients, that challenge us to be market leaders.

stable corporate culture and values that encourage longevity

Roop Kaistha Randstad Sourceright celebrating 15 years

I’m proud to announce that I just recently celebrated my 15 year anniversary in the company! What has kept me here for 15 years — and will keep me here for the next 15 years? The company’s culture and values. Working with the leading global organization in talent acquisition inspires me to give my best. 

We are redefining the talent acquisition landscape in the region. And being with a company that is at the forefront of technology has allowed me to learn about HR technologies and implement new ways of working. I look forward to continuing along my exciting career path with Randstad Sourceright.

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