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November 18, 2020

Péter Földes, EMEA media manager and global media lead, Talent Marketing

Randstad Sourceright Péter FöldésAchieving a healthy work-life balance is all about priorities and focus. Flexibility is important, but that goes both ways, between yourself and your employer, without compromising anyone’s values.

Before COVID-19, I worked three days per week from my home in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, about 60 kilometers away from our Randstad Sourceright office in Budapest. Ordinarily, I would commute between 2-3 hours roundtrip depending on traffic. Being able to work from home gave me this precious time back, making it easier to be productive at work and manage my personal life.

At Randstad Sourceright, I’m the EMEA media manager and global media lead on the Talent Marketing team. My responsibilities include buying, tracking and controlling all media assets in EMEA and expending and centralizing our approach globally.

I’ve been working at Randstad Sourceright for more than 4 years and, although no day looks the same in this job, I always start the day by walking our daughter to school with my wife and our dog. We grab breakfast at the local bakery and then I begin working. I spend my work day attending various meetings with internal stakeholders, catching up with my teammates, and answering tickets.

One of things I was most afraid we’d lose by not visiting our offices was our team social life. Reacting to this, we all put extra blocks into our calendars to dedicate time to each other; either in the form of 1-on-1 meetings or team buildings. I feel that spontaneous chats about non-work-related things, laughing together, and sharing stories helps keep our team’s bond strong when we can’t be there for each other physically in the office.

Randstad Sourceright Peter Foldes workspaceEvery day after work, I always make time for my hobbies. I established my hobby corner right next to my home office, so once I finish the work, I just slide my chair over and start my next activity. Few of my colleagues may know this, but I was actually an amatuer actor for more than 20 years! Sadly, that came to an end last year. I desperately needed a new hobby, so I jumped into tabletop war games, specifically Warhammer 40K. I assemble and paint model armies then play them against others on the tabletop. It’s a lot of fun and it helps me regroup and refresh after the working day.

Ultimately, my advice to those seeking a healthy work-life balance comes down to focus. When you are working, put your focus on the job and nothing else. Do it with passion and dedication by giving it 100%. Your family needs to support and understand this. In exchange, when you are spending time with your family or doing your hobbies, give the same focus and 100% dedication to them.

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