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October 7, 2022

Jean-Sébastien Chapleau-Massicotte, Operations Training specialist

Jean-Sebastien Chapleau-Massicotte Randstad Sourcerightnurturing employee development

Working at Randstad Sourceright is an exciting adventure. It’s a place where my role is regularly evolving as I expand my responsibilities and encounter dynamic projects.

My name is Jean-Sébastien and I’m an Operations Training specialist based in Montréal, Canada, where I am part of the Business Enablement and Operational Excellence teams. Initially, my role was to make sure Randstad Sourceright Canada employees have a good onboarding experience, thanks to the training modules available in our unique Randstad University learning & development platform and to track their progress. Now, I’m working more on improving processes in general.

I’m also the Communications Ambassador for Randstad Sourceright in Canada — an aspect of my job where I connect our employees in Canada to ensure everyone gets the information they need to help them succeed.

Jean-Sebastien Chapleau-Massicotte Randstad Sourcerighta typical work day

A typical work day for me involves reviewing my daily tasks and determining if there are any urgent matters I need to take care of straight away. I then make sure I’m well prepared for my meetings for the rest of the day and go through my to-do list. During my lunch, I often run errands so I can spend quality time with my family in the evening. In fact, my wife worked for Randstad Sourceright and convinced me to apply after college! I was eager to change my career path into anything HR-related.

a global, diverse community

What I love most about my job is the collaboration. I often collaborate with managers, individual contributors and worldwide teams to make sure we are all aligned. What’s great about the overall culture of Randstad Sourceright is that the company wants to make sure its employees are happy and know that they’re making a positive impact globally. I also love the fact that I’m in regular cooperation with people worldwide, which means I get to continually learn a lot about this global company and my diverse colleagues.

Jean-Sebastien Chapleau-Massicotte Randstad Sourceright work life balancefinding balance

Outside of work, I love to follow hockey, baseball and soccer. I also love following statistics and participating in fantasy sports as I’m really into numbers.

Thankfully, my manager reminds me regularly that work-life balance is important and is more than open to discussing potential scheduling flexibility to find that balance. I’m proud that Randstad Sourceright provides many types of personal time off and trusts its employees to work flexibly as needed.

Want to work in a flexible environment that gives you the opportunity to work in dynamic roles too? Check out our open positions at Randstad Sourceright here.

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