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December 23, 2020

Astha Prakash, copywriter and content specialist

a workday with Astha

Astha Prakash Randstad SourcerightI joined Randstad Sourceright in April 2020, and what an exciting ride it’s been so far. Each day brings something different. Some days my calendar is chockablock with calls, while other days I can set aside time to learn a new skill or catch up with my teammates. A major part of my work has been crafting content for career landing pages, creating copy for digital marketing and email campaigns, and coming up with creative concepts and ideas for client pitches.

Recently, I have also begun to dabble in research, brand assessments, competitor analysis and candidate personas. l have already gained quite a few insights into the fast-changing world of talent acquisition.

Every day I have virtual meetings with colleagues from across continents and time zones. It still amazes me to know I’m working with people from completely different countries and lifestyles. There’s always so much to learn and talk about. Despite the pandemic, I find myself feeling energised and connected with them.

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It’s easy for our work lives to spill into our personal lives. I try to avoid that as much as possible. Randstad Sourceright has been quite vocal about the importance of a healthy work-life balance from the very beginning. That’s why I’ve never shied away from taking time off to recenter and recuperate from the stress of daily life.

Astha Prakash work-life balanceThese days, my Kindle is my best friend. I like to spend an hour reading before bed to reset my system and get ready for the next day. I also play character-based video games on my Xbox or watch documentaries. I love writing prose and poetry, and discovering obscure music artists on the internet (Fleet Foxes and Chet Faker are my favourites).

Here’s something else we often forget to do: spend time with ourselves — alone. I like to stay up late and enjoy the quietude of the night, but I know early mornings are just as good. In my idle hours, I like to blog and work on my experimental podcast.

Once I’m done with work, I set my phone away and immerse myself in an easy activity. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of at least seven hours of sleep every night! Whenever I need to get back my positive energy, I pick myself up, call an old friend, watch Pixar movies or listen to hip-hop. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always pizza.

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