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August 31, 2022

Abhijeet Kumar, global media lead consultant

each day comes with new challenges and opportunities

Abhijeet Kumar making work meaningful stories Randstad SourcerightOne and a half years ago I started working for Randstad Sourceright as a PMO coordinator for APAC, as I’m based in Hyderabad, India. I had more than 9 years of experience in project management and team management strategy, operations, project and budgeting, and was more than pleased to develop my career further at Randstad Sourceright.

Right from the start, it was clear to me that this business brings more than enough interesting challenges. When you combine this with highly dedicated colleagues throughout the business, it results in limitless opportunities to grow your career and the company as a whole. I speak from experience, as I was recently promoted to team lead for global media management. I would not have been able to take this next step without the support and guidance of my team members, for whom I’m very grateful.

In my new role as team lead, I look after APAC and NAM from a media management perspective, as well as a procurement and activation standpoint. I apply a lead-by-example leadership style that I believe is tremendously effective.

Abhijeet Kumar global talent marketing Randstad Sourceright

My team and I solve media-related issues and concerns for various internal account teams. Receiving managing requests across a variety of regions really helps me to learn and grow. I absolutely love the fact that each day brings new challenges and compels me to find creative solutions. It is safe to say that Randstad Sourceright is offering me all that I search for in a job, and I’m very excited to be part of this business. 

strive to benefit the global environment

Working towards a sustainable global environment and a cleaner world is of great importance to me, which is why I am more than delighted to take part in the Randstad Climate Control Council (RCCC). This embodies a group of people within Randstad Sourceright who are highly dedicated to creating a positive impact on climate change by educating, encouraging and guiding people on how we can create a better environment.

Recently the global RCCC ran a #TodayIam campaign on our internal communications platform, where we asked employees to share the ways they are working to reduce their carbon footprint, such as not using cars to commute, reducing meat consumption, choosing to cycle if travelling within the city and planting more trees. The goal was to share ideas and show others how easy it is to take action themselves. I was among the team that drove this initiative and feel proud of the positive impact that RCCC can help make on the environment.

To learn that Randstad not only takes their social responsibility seriously: it is one of our main core values to always benefit society as a whole. It reassures me that I’m at the right place.

the freedom to find balance

Abhijeet Kumar work-life balance Randstad SourcerightI’m a real early bird who enjoys the morning walk, this always gives me such great energy. I like to start my day by taking a moment to meditate. It helps me to be calm and composed throughout the day, and ultimately prepares me to overcome the hardships of life.

To me, Randstad Sourceright plays an active role in maintaining a healthy and sustainable work-life balance by offering a lot of freedom. The option of organizing your day as you see fit gives me the ability to effectively plan a moment in my day to relax and recharge. Some personal favorite activities to do so are playing the piano or having a nice jam on my guitar!

For anyone who is searching for a business that adheres to its core values, for anyone who is striving for a meaningful career while having the opportunity to give back to the community and the global environment, I can truly recommend considering Randstad Sourceright.

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