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September 24, 2021

More than a year on from the crisis-induced “working from home experiment,” remote working has become essential in the future of work. In fact, 49% of workers say that they would look for another job if they are not offered flexible working options post-pandemic. As more countries open up again, it’s time for you to build a long-term remote working strategy. How will you adapt the workplace for hybrid working? Should you make any changes to contracts and compensation packages if you offer permanent work-from-home options?

Watch this 60-minute session with Russell Beck, director of inspiration at ImagineThinkDo, to learn how you can build a sustainable remote workforce. Get tips for hiring and onboarding remote workers, and what you need to consider when it comes to contracts, benefits and expenses to equipment and communication.

You’ll learn:

#1 how to make remote working a critical part of your talent strategy, instead of a pandemic-induced response to a crisis

#2 the considerations for remote workers to be productive

#3 what to consider to make remote working a strategic option for your talent Looking for more insights on how you can build ultimate workforce agility to get ahead of talent scarcity?


Explore the talent shortage checklist for actionable data, critical questions and additional resources that can help you take talent scarcity head-on.

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