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December 20, 2016

Festive Season Survival Guide: Tip #12

Good news, we will release our 2017 Talent Trends Report in early January! Here's a teaser...

The explorer in all of us is a wonderful force. It propels us forward, helps us to seek out innovation and fulfills our longing for discovery. As talent professionals, it drives our purpose to continually improve and transform our organizations. Without a need for exploration, we can get stuck in the status quo.

You’ve been down that road, having tactical demands throw you off orbit and distracting you from effecting strategic change. To inspire your sense of exploration, you need timely insight into how dynamic forces are shaping talent and your workforce. You want to learn how world-class peers are embracing these trends to their benefit. You want a roadmap to help you unravel the complexities of today’s world of work. We’re here to serve as your navigation point.

This 2017 Randstad Sourceright Talent Trends Report will provide a celestial view of the most influential developments in talent. It’s a highly focused look at the top 10 trends transforming the way every organization will plan for resources, and attract, engage and deploy workers. It explains how long-held assumptions about talent are about to crumble and why companies need to embrace a holistic approach to workforce management. Most of all, it will help you realize that there are no limits to how you use talent.

Look out for the new report in your inbox in January!




In the meantime, you might want to see the trends that shaped up in 2016.

> Download the 2016 Talent Trends Report here











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Make sure to get recognized for your contributions

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