gearing up for a changing workforce with a total talent approach

September 8, 2016 James Stovall

If your organization is like most companies, you likely face significant challenges finding qualified talent with critical skills. An inability to secure talent can delay initiatives, hinder growth, reduce the quality of products and services and create a profound drag on profitability. One key issue is driving these challenges: the way people work is changing.

To stay competitive, many organizations will need to remove the boundaries that have traditionally separated the engagement of flexible workers and the hiring of employees.

That’s the impetus behind the evolution of the total talent strategy. This approach breaks through the boundaries between flexible workers and traditional “permanent” employees to create a single, broad workforce management and planning function.

About the Author

James Stovall

James Stovall, Vice President, Integrated Talent Management, helps clients build, optimize and execute their talent strategy across their entire workforce. He is recognized for using data, industry leading practices, and innovation to help clients transform their talent approach. He is VP in Randstad’s Integrated Talent Solutions Group and was previously a Deloitte Human Capital consultant for almost decade. You can follow him on Twitter @JFSIV.

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